Wednesday, June 30

Star Spangled Cocktail

Add a dash of Uncle Sam to the classic Strawberry Daiquiri (a perennial Shoreside favorite) with starfruit and blueberry garnish. Could I make this my signature drink? I think so.

Tuesday, June 29

It's a Grand Old Flag

Is there anything more quintessential than 4th of July on Cape Cod? I think not. The rest of the week we're going to focus on all Shoreside things red, white and blue.

Love this invitation from PaperTrails. Rehearsal dinner? Chic yet casual but 4th of July wedding? Lots of possibilities. Might just have to throw an Independence Day party just to use these.

Monday, June 28

Inspiration: In Love with Lavender

Did you know there's a lavender farm in Harwich? Cape Cod Lavender Farm is one of the largest on the East Coast and hosts more than 10,000 visitors annually. It's on my List of Things to Do in the next few weeks because the lavender is in bloom right now.

Also right now, a lavender-themed inspiration board.

{ Top: Lavender-infused Champagne from Real Simple; Rings via Postcards & Pretties; Placesetting via Style Me Pretty;
Middle: Boutonnieres via Postcards & Pretties, Dark Cocoa Cupcakes with Lavender Whipped Cream - yum - via Fresh New England
Bottom: Lavender whips in Mint Julep Cups via Style Me Pretty; Lavender chair decor via Postcards & Pretties; Bouquet with fresh Lavender from Flower Design }

Thursday, June 24

Full of Pride

The month of June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.  President Obama recently remarked, “I call upon all Americans to observe this month by fighting prejudice and discrimination in their own lives and everywhere it exists.” I am proud to be a resident of this great liberal state of Massachusetts, the first in the nation to legalize gay marriage.

Whether it exists between a man and a woman -- or a man and a man, a woman and a woman, black and white, red and brown -- celebrate love. Because, in the end, love is all there is.

Tuesday, June 22

The Bachelorette a Shoreside Bride?

Any Bachelorette fans out there? I don't normally tune in, but I went to high school with bachelor contestant Chris Lambton. And let me tell you, ladies, he's just as good looking, funny and sweet as he appears on TV. According to gossip websites, Chris will be one of the final two men left standing.

So now while I'm rooting on the hometown boy, I'm dreaming about a Cape Cod Bachelorette Wedding. Something casually elegant. In a backyard tent. With lobster. And lots of champagne and beer. (They seem to drink a lot on that show. ABC probably encourages it to help Ali and the boys lower their inhibitions.)

 { The crazy talented and very droll Channing Johnson. His blog is a personal favorite. 
Check out his post about a September '09 Cape Cod wedding }

Monday, June 21

Happy Father's Day

I have the best dad ever. The best. And he better be ready to do this:

Click to watch

Happy Father's Day Daddy! Love you lots!

Thursday, June 17

All Tied Up

NBA finals series is all tied up. Game 7 tonight. (Right now, actually.)

I'm all tied up with this sailor's knot bracelet, too. It's like what you wear at summer camp. Bridesmaid gift? Very casual rehearsal dinner attire? Not sure where it fits into the Shoreside wedding, but I love it.

{ Etsy Seller The Vamoose }

Go Celtics! Beat LA!

Wednesday, June 16

Going Glam

This is the Wequassett?
On Cape Cod?
Not LA or Miami Beach?
For reals?

Fo Shizzle.

Tuesday, June 15

C is for Cookie

Me = cookie monster. Love them. Gobble them up. Prefer them over every other dessert.

I especially love these cookies from A Dozen Eggs Bakery (based in Vermont, but shipped anywhere). And the owner, Laura, is originally from the Cape. 

{ Quahog Cookies! They are so cute I almost can't stand it. 
Also, please note, Quahog, as Laura discusses on her blog, is pronounced Co-Hog. }

{ A whole Shoreside collection. }

Monday, June 14

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The 114th season of Cape Cod Baseball League got underway last night, with the Wareham Gateman topping the Cotuit Kettleers 5-2 in the league opener. This storied league, with its wooden bats, glittering alumni (one out of every seven Major League players spent some time in the CCBL), and quaint seaside ballparks, is the preeminent summer league for top college players. If you haven't been to a game, you should go. Check out the schedule here. Admission is free to games (though players pass around a cap to collect donations).   

So now let's play ball with a baseball-themed wedding. 

{ Invites from Etsy seller Byvikink }

{ Pass around some snacks... From Rebecca Thuss }

{ Autograph the bat guest 'book' via Style Me Pretty }

{ Must-take photos from Rob and Lauren Photographers }

{ Tablesetting from Style Me Pretty }

Friday, June 11

Inspiration: Pretty Pink Peonies

Is there anything more unabashedly romantic or exuberantly feminine than a pink peony? This flower of "riches and honor" is said to have mischievous nymphs living amongst its petals. Peonies, and their heavenly scent, are really only available for May and June, so let's celebrate them now, shall we?

{ Top: Southern Living Lemonade; Peony dress via Style Me Pretty; Bouquet
Middle: Flower girl via Classic Bride; A Cape Cod Delicious Dessert
Chatham wedding by the Casual Gourmet for Style Me Pretty
Bottom: Boutonniere via Snippet & Ink; Things are Better with a Parrot Invitation; Country Living Placesetting }

Wednesday, June 9

If You Don't Like the Weather, Wait a Minute

I'm so thankful for the gorgeous spring we've had here on Cape Cod: Sunny, warm (sometimes downright hot), blue skies, and hardly any rain.

But yesterday? Yesterday was the perfect example of waiting just one minute for the weather to change.  In the middle of the afternoon, it started to rain. While the sun was still out. It rained for just a minute. Then, a short while later, it rained again.  The rain continued for 30-second intervals every, oh, 23 minutes or so. Sometimes it down-poured and thundered.  Sometimes it rained very gently on just one side of my house. And in between these short bursts of rain, it was a perfectly lovely day. 

This little story has a point.

Plan for rain.

Tuesday, June 8

Tuesday Shoesday

Jolly Jack Rogers.

{ Get your jollies here. }

Monday, June 7

Vintage Engagement Session

Hope everyone had a great weekend! To start off this week - a vintage engagement session on the beach courtesy of Ruffled. Go, Go Gidget.

Friday, June 4

Pretty in Pink

I'm back from the birthday celebration. It was a quite lovely day - shopping, lunch, reading and relaxing, and ice cream. Quite lovely.
This dessert table wasn't part of my day, but maybe next year?

Cake, cupcakes, candy, peonies in apothecary jars (um, hello, brilliance). And pink champagne.

Wednesday, June 2

The Countdown is On

To my birthday, which is tomorrow. (Not 134 days away.)
But I love this wedding count down chalkboard chart.

Tuesday, June 1

Tuesday Shoesday

Again, a little reminder: Fancy heels are hazardous at the beach.
Beach = barefoot.

{ Ozzy Garcia for Once Wed }