Friday, April 30

Derby Day

Any other horse lovers out there? The Kentucky Derby is one of my all-time-favorites. I mean, when else can you wear a big hat and drink bourbon all day? 

Adding these to 'must include in dessert buffet' file.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 29

A Bouquet for Today

I was just outside working in the garden, where I am so happy to see my beloved hosta plants are really starting to come in. (Beloved because they were given to me by a dear friend, whose mother grew them in her garden. And they were the first thing I planted at my new house.)

Then I came inside to find this bouquet. Made, I think, from hosta leaves?

Wednesday, April 28

Cape Cod Wedding Venue: Pamet Harbor Yacht Club

I've been loving all things nautical lately. I'm going to try to get all this knotty navy blue preppy naughtiness out of the way, but first we'll feature a few nautical venues.

Pamet Harbor Yacht and Tennis Club lies literally on the sand dunes of Pamet Harbor in Truro. Tucked down a dirt road and surrounded by the most hushed serenity, it is just so, so lovely. And so perfect for the nautical wedding I've been dreaming about.

{ Photo by yours truly. Photographer friends... begin your critiques. }

The inside is typically yacht club shabby-chic, with knotty pine paneling, commodore placards and boat trophies, but it has a certain charm.

 { Significantly better photo by Jenny Ebert via Snippet & Ink}

Larger groups can set up a tent on the property. 

{ Me. }

If you want your feet in the sand as you say your vows, this is a place to do it.  Or if you want to play in sail lockers.

{ Jenny. }

I am dying for this. Seriously, dying.
{ Another significantly better photo from Stacey Kane }

Tuesday, April 27

Sucker for Seersucker

Maybe it's because my dad has a seersucker suit. (He's not really a seersucker kind of guy, but he does, secretly, have a touch of the well-dressed-man. He wears his seersucker with a madras tie.)

Such a sucker am I for this summertime staple (also for alliteration, apparently).

{ Does anyone do it better than Lilly Pulitzer? }

{ The cutest little frocks from Little Maven }

{ Not quite my dad, but a Gentlemanly Suit 

{ Ring pillow by etsy seller Sweet B Paper }

The Seersucker Cocktail
2 ounces White Rum
2 tsp Grenadine
1 oz Lemon Juice
4 oz Tonic Water
strawberry to garnish
Shake rum, grenadine and lemon juice with ice and pour into glass. 
Top with tonic. 
Garnish with cherry or strawberry.

 { Stir your drink with some seersucker }

Seersucker, introduced to the US in the late 1800s, was the summer uniform of both southern politicians and the first female marines, providing this iconic fabric's close association with gentility, charm and days by the shore.

To reminisce about days in the Capitol before air conditioning, Senators still don this lightweight, puckery fabric on the annual Seersucker Thursday, held on the second or third Thursday of June.  

Monday, April 26

April Showers

I didn't see it, but evidently, right in the middle of last month's Bachelor Wedding, the skies opened up. The bride & groom were drenched.

They could have used an umbrella.

{ I LOVE this pagoda umbrella from Bella Umbrella. They sell - and rent! - all kinds of unique, vintage, colorful umbrellas }

{ Can't go wrong with the classically cheerful rainbow }

 { or just classic, by Burberry }

{ April showers bring May flowers... 
Shh. Don't tell. This one is from Walmart }

{ Navy, white & nautical. I'm all aboard on this one, 
again from Bella Umbrella }

{ An umbrella built for two }

Friday, April 23

Happy Weekend!

Before signing off for the week, a few things to share:

Cape Cod DJ Tom Tuttle's amazingly complete list of non-traditional places to get married.
Snack on some popcorn while watching a wedding ceremony, then, in lieu of rice, toss the leftovers at the bride & groom on Snippet & Ink.
Use paper chains to decorate your ceremony on a Santa Barbara Chic update of elementary school charm.
Instead of a sand ceremony, how about planting a Lovely and Gracious tree
Ideas for wedding ceremony readings from the one and only Martha Stewart.

Thursday, April 22

Down the Aisle

Such a beautiful spring day on Cape Cod. A very good friend and I call the first truly warm day of spring the best day of the year (which competes with the other best day of the year -- the first break-out-your-wool-sweater-it's-cold! day of fall). I'm not sure today is that day, but it's coming. I know it.

But I digress. To celebrate this lovely day, photographs of some lovely wedding ceremonies.

Is this not the most ethereal bit of enchantment?

 If all the world is a stage, how about one as your altar?

 { Zephyr Tents, the West Coast division of Sperry Tents }

 From picnic-style seating:


To luxe benches:

Or take your seat in the sand:

Pretty in Pink 

Katie McConnell of Chatham's Wild Bunch Studio said programs were tied to each chair and adorned with a flower.
 { Boston photographer Eric Barry via Wild Bunch Studio Blog
 ... Also seen in Grace Ormonde }

 Dreamy candlelit ceremony at the Wequasset Resort from the ever-lovely Karen Taddei at Lilac's:

 { See more of Karen's work here }

Enjoy the sunshine! 

Wednesday, April 21

Just Too Cute

Did You Know? Tidbits about making it official in Massachusetts

Did you know your father, aunt, friend or the guy down the street can pronounce you husband and wife? Your officiant does not need to be a member of the clergy or a justice of the peace. Each and every Massachusetts resident can officiate at one wedding per calendar year.  If you want to do this, your family member or friend will need to get a One Day Marriage Designation from the state. Check out the pretty simple process here.

Did you know marriage licenses are issued by cities or towns? Each town has different requirements (such as providing a birth certificate) and charges different fees.  Statewide, there is a three-day waiting period for a marriage license, you do not need to have a blood test, you must be over 18, and you do not need to have witnesses.

Did you know your marriage license is good for 60 days anywhere in the state? You do not have to get a marriage license from Chatham even if your wedding is in Chatham. The person performing your wedding will need to sign the license and mail it back to the town that issued it.

Did you know marriage between same-sex couples is legal in Massachusetts? We've been doing them since May of 2004.

Monday, April 19

A Sweet Little Chapel: Kelley Chapel, a Cape Cod Wedding Site

Kelley Chapel in Yarmouth Port is just about the most darling little wedding chapel you'll find.  Down a secluded gravel path. Set in a sunlit meadow. Nestled in the woods. Surrounded by nature trails. With a charming little history.

The chapel was originally constructed in 1873 by Quaker David Kelley for his daughter Rosa after the death of her infant son. She used the non-sectarian chapel, which at the time was located in South Yarmouth near the Quaker Meeting House on North Main Street, to teach bible lessons to village fishermen and their families. The chapel was donated by a Kelley family descendent to the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth in 1960, at which time it was moved to its current location. The woods surrounding the chapel comprised the first-ever golf course on Cape Cod, created in the 1890s for private use by the Thatcher family. It's a short walk from the chapel to the heart of historic Yarmouth Port, including the Edward Gorey House and the Capt. Bangs Hallett house, which has the most amazing English Weeping Beech tree on the grounds.

Today the chapel is used for community events and can be rented through the historical society for weddings.

Make no mistake, it is tiny. Only 60 or so people fit inside. In typical Quaker fashion, the interior is unadorned. A handful of pews, an old wood stove and a little organ dominate the space.

But there's something completely enchanting about it, don't you think?

The Road to the Altar

This week we're focusing on wedding ceremonies - where to have them, how to decorate, what to say, and who can officiate. We'd love to hear your ideas! Email us at

Friday, April 16

Sing a Song for Sixpence

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about Cape Cod wedding DJ Chris Baker, I thought I'd put together a short playlist of must-play Cape Cod songs.

1. Old Cape Cod by grand dame Patti Page
2. Escape (otherwise known as the Pina Colada song) by Rupert Holmes
3. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, the anthem of Red Sox fans anywhere
4. In a tie for fourth, Summer Wind or Beyond the Sea by the legendary Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin
5. Whatever song reminds you of the best Cape Cod party you've been to, whether it was at a bar, the beach or your parent's basement. (For me, it's Me & Julio by Paul Simon. August 2005 at the one-and-only Woodshed in Brewster.)

P.S.: Did you know? The tradition of a bride having a sixpence in her left shoe for good luck comes from 17th century England, when a sixpence was part of the dowry. 

P.P.S.: If you haven't seen it yet, Style Me Pretty featured a completely knotty nautical wedding earlier today. Lots of good ideas, like these table numbers:

Thursday, April 15

From the Expert: Cape Cod Wedding DJ

Today is the first in a series of profiles on Cape Cod wedding experts. Taking the mic first is Cape Cod wedding DJ Chris Baker.

"Weddings aren't just showing up and playing music," he says. Wedding DJs need top-of-the-line professional equipment and the polished voice of an MC to lead the crowd through each part of the festivities, from first introductions to the last dance. They need to know their music and know how to play the room.  A good DJ, says Chris, can jump around to different styles of music to appeal to the ages and tastes of all the guests, but have it all blend together to create a cohesive and distinct soundtrack.

Each couple's selection of a wedding song is a unique and intimate reflection of their taste and who they are as a couple. The music they choose sets the mood, the style of party, and distinguishes their wedding as their own. It's important to share who you are and what you want with your DJ.

"It's great to have input," says Chris. "I'm not going in with a set play list. I don't want something the guests have heard at the last five weddings they've been to. The night's not about me, it's about the couple."

But Chris cautions against the couples who want to spell out the playlist for the entire night. "The Do Not Play list is the easiest thing for people to do. Give me the Must Play list. But be flexible." No one can pre-judge what people want to hear; you have to give them what they want to hear that night. A reputable DJ, says Chris, will be able to improvise, adapt and overcome anything that happens to make the night a success. 

On par with the national average, wedding DJs on Cape Cod charge $600.00 to $1,600.00. Many couples, looking to save money, are opting to program their own Ipod for their wedding.  But Chris points out home stereo equipment isn't nearly sophisticated enough to prevent gaps between songs, blend songs together or produce a volume appropriate for the venue.

And ultimately, creating a party on the dancefloor - knowing when to keep the energy up and when to slow it down - takes serious skill and experience. Chris, who has been a wedding DJ since 1989, says, "You spend so much money on your wedding... In ten years people don't remember what they ate at a wedding, but they remember if they had a good time, if the music was good. Trust your DJ will know what to do."

Wednesday, April 14

Inspiration: In Bloom

"Ten thousand I saw at a glance," wrote William Wordsworth after coming upon a field of daffodils.

Maybe he was here. Cape Cod is a riot right now of yellow and white, so much so that we even throw celebrations in honor of this delightfully happy flower. You can check out the annual Brewster in Bloom parade May 2nd or the three million daffodils that decorate Nantucket's Daffodil Days on April 23-25th.

And what better than a daffodil to inspire your springtime Cape Cod wedding:

Tuesday, April 13

Put a Ring On It

Love the shore? Love yourself a little bling? Put them together and what do you get?:

Ross Coppleman is a master goldsmith based right here on Cape Cod. His studio on Rt. 6A in East Dennis is amazing... a beautiful building surrounded by beautiful gardens and full of some of the most beautiful, exquisite, unique, handcrafted jewelry you'll find.

How about this for a bridesmaid gift?

Monday, April 12

Cape Cod Wedding Venue: Ballymeade

For whatever reason, my travels across the Cape have never taken me to Ballymeade Country Club. I think I've seen almost every place there is to hold a wedding on Cape Cod, except this one. I think it's high time I went.

At the Rentals Unlimited showroom opening event this past Thursday I met Christine Antoine,  the event planner at Ballymeade. She was just delightful and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Located in Falmouth, Ballymeade is a semi-private championship golf course with a full-service clubhouse that underwent recent renovations. The function rooms look beautiful, most especially the grand ballroom that opens up to a veranda with panoramic views of the golf course and Buzzards Bay. 

 { image courtesy of Ballymeade }

I particularly love that instead of exclusively offering  in-house food service, Ballymeade instead lets clients hire their caterer from a list of approved vendors. Each couple has the flexibility of hiring a caterer who best meets their individual tastes and budget.  It is rare to find this best-of-both-worlds scenario: a country club setting with the advantages of off-premise catering.

I'm excited to see Ballymeade in the next few week. What other venues do you recommend? 

Thursday, April 8

Initial It

I love this shoreside take on your monogram letters:

{ from Etsy seller Spotted Leopard }

Hang them on the doors of the church or reception venue or display them near the cake or guest book table.

Wednesday, April 7

Sunrise, Sunset

Want to know what time the sun is going to set on your wedding day? Look here.
You'll first enter your (or your wedding locale's) zip code. When the location information pops up, scroll down to enter your wedding day.

What a beautiful place Cape Cod is...

{ photo courtesy of the ultra-talented Steve Drozell }

Tuesday, April 6

Aye, Pirates

I was going to do a whole post today on pirates... the Cape's history of piracy, and what a cute theme it can make for a rehearsal dinner ...

But, in an ironic twist, some modern-day pirate broke into my car last night and I've spent most of the day canceling credit cards, figuring out how to get a new license, and all that other fun stuff. So I leave you with this, from Etsy seller Ghostlove Jewelry:

 Pirate cufflinks. Aye.

Monday, April 5

The Red Balloon

Balloons are an up-and-coming trend in weddings, and we certainly agree they make for some cute photos!

They are relatively inexpensive, and when done right, they add a certain special kind of whimsy. (And don't look at all 'high school prom.') Amy Atlas used them as part of a dessert buffet here:

And they added an explosion of color and a fresh take on the beach portrait session here:

{ do you know this source? let us know!}

But please remember to protect our fragile Cape Cod ecology and don't let go of your red balloon!  While latex balloons are biodegradable, the streamer often isn't, and animals have been known to choke on deflated balloons.
P.S.: If you are in love with the oversized balloons like we are, you can buy them here.

Friday, April 2

Happy Easter

We're so excited about what's in store here at Shoreside Bride. Next week we'll dive into all the Cape Cod wedding goodness with tips, tricks, vendors and loads of pretty pictures. In the meantime, Happy Easter!

cake topper from Jayne Williams Co.

Thursday, April 1

No Fooling!

Nope - this ain't no April Fool's day joke. Starting today, find inspiration for your Cape Cod wedding here.