Tuesday, August 31

Tuesday Shoesday

Summer is back with a vengeance, for at least another few days.

In so many ways, Labor Day is the end of summer. School is back in session, the summer people go back to their winter homes, the Cape becomes quiet again.

I love September and am looking forward to the onset of fall, but I can't help feeling the need to pack in as much summer in these next few days as possible.

So, for this final Tuesday Shoesday of Summer 2010,  the cutest flops to flip around in at a clambake rehearsal dinner, while getting mani/pedis, for some serious post-dinner dancing, the day-after brunch, or just  because:

{ find 'em on ebay }

Monday, August 30

Bachelorette Survival Kit

Just now recovering from an all-out crazy bachelorette party. (They are all crazy, I know, but this one was really off the charts. Really) We hit it up big in Provincetown, which is just about the awesome-est place ever for a bachelorette party. We did drinks, dinner, visited a few "specialty" stores, saw a drag show, tripped into more than a few bars... Obviously, this is the G-rated version of the night.

Lots of love to all the girls who planned this for our dear friend... And a special shout-out to the one who put together these little charmers:

Bachelorette Survival Kits

Wet Wipes, a stain pen, band aid, tissues, mints, chapstick, hair tie, nail file, a certain safety precaution in case anyone got frisky (no - not the bride) and a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card.

Thursday, August 26


The past few days I've been talking a lot with a mother of the bride, who is very anxious about her daughter's upcoming wedding. They are just about a week away and are furiously trying to tie up loose ends. It's all small things, really, but in the few days before your wedding, everything seems of such dire importance.

I've pointed them toward places to get a few of the things they still need to buy, made some suggestions on the timeline, helped track down a vendor or two.

But the most important thing I think I've told them is this: Relax. It's all going to be fine.

Did you know September is the busiest month for weddings on Cape Cod? Understandably so. The craziness of the tourist season has passed, but the weather is still great.  There's a lot of September brides out there, so I'll tell you all, too: Relax. It's all going to be fine.

Use Labor Day weekend, so fast approaching, to take time off of work -- the work of planning a wedding. Go on a little pre-honeymoon. Do the thing you've been meaning to do all summer but haven't had the time. Or sit your butt in chair and gaze out at the ocean.

And relax. It's all going to be fine.

Wednesday, August 25

Menswear: A Cape Cod Checklist

White button downs? Check.
Navy blue blazers? Check.
Nantucket red pants? Check.
Loafers without socks? Check.

This is menswear, Shoreside style.

Tuesday, August 24

Tuesday Shoesday

Did I miss it? Did suddenly Cape Cod float all the way to Monsoon-ville?
Cripes, it's really been raining.

Is it too much to have a back-up pair of Wellies in case of weather like this?

Even if they are in a very demure all-white?

Monday, August 23

Cape Cod Photo Booth

Whether it's the old-fashioned type that spits out a strip of images or a backdrop set up by a photographer, photo booths are a crazy-fantastic way of capturing a (typically crazy-funny) snapshot of each guest.

And I'm crazy-go-nuts about this particular photo booth, which made use of some classically campy Cape Cod-themed props. Gotta love it when granny gets it on with a plastic lob-stah.

For those interested in renting the old-fashioned kind, check out Cape Cod Photo Booth. And ask your photographer. So many now are offering them. 

It's also possible, without too much effort, to put one together yourself. Click here for some ideas on how to do it. As a gift to the bride, a guest set up this photo booth.  She tacked up some fabric, hung paper flowers, threw some props in a basket and called it done. I give her mad credit, though, for taking pictures almost all night.

 { Cape Cod wedding at Nauticas Marina by Lara Kimmerer }

Got to go find me an enormous plastic lob-stah.

Wednesday, August 11

A Little Something for the Boys

Love this nautical-inspired boutonniere.
Love the blue & white striped bow tie.
Will now be spending hours looking up suiting ideas for the boys. Back soon to share!

{ Photo by emilie inc., spotted on Love & Lobster... a new must-read. 
I'm thinkin' lots of Maine ideas will be heading south to Cape Cod. } 

Tuesday, August 10

Tuesday Shoesday

I love the color orange....the color of sunsets, of mimosas and Veuve Clicquot labels, of my favorite all-time purse.  I have come *this close* to painting my kitchen orange but lost my nerve. (Someone give me the courage!)

I love orange in the fall, even when it borders on looking a little 'jack-o-lantern.' But my favorite orange is the late-summer orange that still packs a citrus punch.

These are the perfect orange shoes. They might just be the starting point of a whole orange-tinted Shoreside wedding.

Monday, August 9

A Few of My Favorite Things

My apologies for the week-long hiatus. I celebrated about 10 of my nearest-and-dearests' birthdays and all the partying left little time for blogging.

To start this week, a few my favorite things from the past few weeks:

{ Driftwood Heart via Ritzy Bee Blog }

{ Aisle wreath by Mimmo + Naz via Style Me Pretty }

{ Pink Lemonade with Lavender Whips from Wendell T. Webber }

{ Upside-down floating centerpieces. Oh, my. Our Labor of Love via Style Me Pretty }