Tuesday, June 22

The Bachelorette a Shoreside Bride?

Any Bachelorette fans out there? I don't normally tune in, but I went to high school with bachelor contestant Chris Lambton. And let me tell you, ladies, he's just as good looking, funny and sweet as he appears on TV. According to gossip websites, Chris will be one of the final two men left standing.

So now while I'm rooting on the hometown boy, I'm dreaming about a Cape Cod Bachelorette Wedding. Something casually elegant. In a backyard tent. With lobster. And lots of champagne and beer. (They seem to drink a lot on that show. ABC probably encourages it to help Ali and the boys lower their inhibitions.)

 { The crazy talented and very droll Channing Johnson. His blog is a personal favorite. 
Check out his post about a September '09 Cape Cod wedding }

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