Wednesday, January 19

The Cod

Although this may be obvious, Cape Cod is named after the codfish, which swam in great numbers along our coastline. Its abundance lured thousands of immigrants to settle on this spit of sand, yet the cod is a much maligned fish and often said to be the most ugly. What do you think?

  (And I bet you're wondering how this is all going to relate to something wedding-y.)

Local graphic artist Andrew Newman (whose daughter had a lovely wedding a few years back) elevates the lowly cod with a unique tongue-in-cheek style and puts his clever designs on cards, totes, t-shirts, stickers, etc.  in his Cape Card line (also sold on Etsy).

How about this as a Welcome Bag:

Or this as a funny thank you note, or save the date?
And, well, this one just cracks me up. Can I register for this?:
(*This whole thing has gotten me wondering who was the judge in the Atlantic Ocean fish beauty pageant that determined the Cod was less attractive than the flounder. Perhaps it came down to the talent portion of the competition.
Ahh. Too much caffeine too late at night.)

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