Monday, August 23

Cape Cod Photo Booth

Whether it's the old-fashioned type that spits out a strip of images or a backdrop set up by a photographer, photo booths are a crazy-fantastic way of capturing a (typically crazy-funny) snapshot of each guest.

And I'm crazy-go-nuts about this particular photo booth, which made use of some classically campy Cape Cod-themed props. Gotta love it when granny gets it on with a plastic lob-stah.

For those interested in renting the old-fashioned kind, check out Cape Cod Photo Booth. And ask your photographer. So many now are offering them. 

It's also possible, without too much effort, to put one together yourself. Click here for some ideas on how to do it. As a gift to the bride, a guest set up this photo booth.  She tacked up some fabric, hung paper flowers, threw some props in a basket and called it done. I give her mad credit, though, for taking pictures almost all night.

 { Cape Cod wedding at Nauticas Marina by Lara Kimmerer }

Got to go find me an enormous plastic lob-stah.

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