Monday, August 30

Bachelorette Survival Kit

Just now recovering from an all-out crazy bachelorette party. (They are all crazy, I know, but this one was really off the charts. Really) We hit it up big in Provincetown, which is just about the awesome-est place ever for a bachelorette party. We did drinks, dinner, visited a few "specialty" stores, saw a drag show, tripped into more than a few bars... Obviously, this is the G-rated version of the night.

Lots of love to all the girls who planned this for our dear friend... And a special shout-out to the one who put together these little charmers:

Bachelorette Survival Kits

Wet Wipes, a stain pen, band aid, tissues, mints, chapstick, hair tie, nail file, a certain safety precaution in case anyone got frisky (no - not the bride) and a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card.

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