Wednesday, December 15

Cold night. Hot Drink How-To.

Yes, yes. Cranberries are synonymous with Cape Cod. Any good Shoreside Bride would feature this crimson berry in a signature cocktail. The classic Cape Codder, The Cranberry Spritzer, The Cape Cod 'Rita... all a little summer.

For you winter Cape Cod brides looking to keep your guests warm, how about a Mulled Cranberry Cocktail?

Combine one quart of cranberry juice, 1 cinnamon stick and two whole cloves in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer.

In another saucepan, combine 1/2 cup cranberries, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of water. Warm over medium heat, gently stirring, until the cranberries pop and are well coated with sugar. Use these cranberries to garnish a toothpick or skewer.

{ Recipe & photo courtesy of Martha Stewart }

If you want to booze it up, add some fruity red wine to the juice as it is simmering, or top off the mulled juice with a splash of orange-flavored liqueur, like Cointreau or Triple Sec.
{ Alcoholic suggestions courtesy of yours truly }

Me making one of these to keep warm on this freakin' cold night. Snow? Where are you? Snow?!?

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