Thursday, December 16

Inspiration: Mad for Plaid

I've gone a little mad for plaid.

Not in a plaid wedding dress kind of way:

But in a Charlotte Marries Trey in a Wedding Infused with Subtle Tartan Details way, a la Carrie's maid of honor dress with a little tartan ribbon at the waist.
{ It is embarrassing how I got this photo. Let's not talk about it, OK? }

Think white rose bouquets tied with plaid ribbon, little flower girls in tartan dresses, groomsmen in navy suits with plaid ties.  A groom in a kilt is not required... but if you're a girl who loves a man in a skirt, be my guest.

What a lovely way to inject some holiday color without being overtly red & green. And a nice way to honor the family if you happen to be a MacSomething, Campbell or Stewart (like me!).
 { Top: Have one of these guys outside the church; Flower girls could carry evergreen kissing balls; Centerpieces in silver trophies tied with plaid ribbon;
Middle: Bouquet with amaryllis; Plaid takes the cake; Sweet little flower girl dress
Bottom: Red-domed centerpieces and hints of gold; Kilt hits the beach via Raw Photo }

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Katherine Futterer said...

I just love this!!! I am getting married this Christmas and we have FULLY embraced the plaid accents and theme based on my fiance's family tartan! Here is my Pinterest board for the wedding...