Monday, December 20

Baby It's Cold Outside

It is snowing like a bah-stahd out there.  If your wedding was tonight, you'd need some cozy warm tights underneath your dress. Something like this:

Like this idea? Find some cable knit tights here.

Thursday, December 16

Inspiration: Mad for Plaid

I've gone a little mad for plaid.

Not in a plaid wedding dress kind of way:

But in a Charlotte Marries Trey in a Wedding Infused with Subtle Tartan Details way, a la Carrie's maid of honor dress with a little tartan ribbon at the waist.
{ It is embarrassing how I got this photo. Let's not talk about it, OK? }

Think white rose bouquets tied with plaid ribbon, little flower girls in tartan dresses, groomsmen in navy suits with plaid ties.  A groom in a kilt is not required... but if you're a girl who loves a man in a skirt, be my guest.

What a lovely way to inject some holiday color without being overtly red & green. And a nice way to honor the family if you happen to be a MacSomething, Campbell or Stewart (like me!).
 { Top: Have one of these guys outside the church; Flower girls could carry evergreen kissing balls; Centerpieces in silver trophies tied with plaid ribbon;
Middle: Bouquet with amaryllis; Plaid takes the cake; Sweet little flower girl dress
Bottom: Red-domed centerpieces and hints of gold; Kilt hits the beach via Raw Photo }

Wednesday, December 15

Cold night. Hot Drink How-To.

Yes, yes. Cranberries are synonymous with Cape Cod. Any good Shoreside Bride would feature this crimson berry in a signature cocktail. The classic Cape Codder, The Cranberry Spritzer, The Cape Cod 'Rita... all a little summer.

For you winter Cape Cod brides looking to keep your guests warm, how about a Mulled Cranberry Cocktail?

Combine one quart of cranberry juice, 1 cinnamon stick and two whole cloves in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer.

In another saucepan, combine 1/2 cup cranberries, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of water. Warm over medium heat, gently stirring, until the cranberries pop and are well coated with sugar. Use these cranberries to garnish a toothpick or skewer.

{ Recipe & photo courtesy of Martha Stewart }

If you want to booze it up, add some fruity red wine to the juice as it is simmering, or top off the mulled juice with a splash of orange-flavored liqueur, like Cointreau or Triple Sec.
{ Alcoholic suggestions courtesy of yours truly }

Me making one of these to keep warm on this freakin' cold night. Snow? Where are you? Snow?!?

Tuesday, December 14

Tuesday Shoesday: The Bride Wore Uggs

Still waiting on this snow my manfriend says is coming. But at least I'm ready.

Monday, December 13

A Heaven of Diamonds Shine Down Through The Night

Today was a dreary day. Wet. Windy. Cool and getting colder by the minute. But I've heard (from the boy in my life, who fancies himself a weatherman) there might be some snow in the forecast. I'm hoping to wake up to a mantle of white.

Isn't the first snow of the year magical?

And isn't this, too?

Happy Monday!

P.S.: I haven't forgotten about the Borsari Gallery Real Wedding. And, to warn you, I'm going a little mad for plaid.

Wednesday, December 8

Eight Maids a Milking, Seven Starfish Hanging, Six Geese a Laying...

Err, no. Not quite the song. But me likey these starfish ornaments and thought they warranted a song.

Tie pretty little nametags to them (in silver or gold calligraphy), hang them from a Christmas tree, and aren't they just a darlin' Cape Cod Christmas Wedding escort card? 

{Is everyone trawling Etsy like I am for Christmas presents?!? 
These are from Etsy seller Hen And Chick 
but maybe could be a DIY project? } 

Tuesday, December 7

Tuesday Shoesday: Tied Up with A Bow

Dear Santa-
   These, please:

{ Christian Laboutins (already tied up with a bow) for every holiday-inspired wedding, holiday party, holiday caroling, holiday baking, holiday house cleaning...  }

Monday, December 6

Cape Cod Wedding Venue: Borsari Gallery

For whatever reason, I always envision winter weddings to be small in size but huge in warmth, held at a place with romantic nooks, cozy crannies and the whole place awash with light.
The Borsari Gallery, in Dennis, is exactly this kind of place.

Right in the heart of Dennis Village, what is now an art gallery was once a post and beam barn, built in the 1800s. The pine paneled walls are covered floor-to-ceiling in fine art.  It's warm, it's intimate (guests lists are capped at 99), it's unique, it's perfect for a winter wedding.
 { All aglow with candelight... love the cobblestone walkway and brick wall
Elegant Bliss Photography via The Perfect Plan } 
{ via Well Wed }
Stay tuned for a Real Wedding holiday-season affair held at the Borsari Gallery coming up this week.

Thursday, December 2

Real Wedding: Winter Wonderland

Jenna & Brendan's Christmas-inspired wedding was a sweet, homespun affair.

{ Centerpieces were cylinders of white spider mums surrounded by frosted votives 
and tiny red ornaments. 
Table numbers were tied to larger ornaments with silver ribbon. }

{ The bride's bouquet was red roses, and groomsmen wore red rose boutonnieres.
The wedding was held at the Yarmouth House, which was decked to the halls 
with millions of white twinkle lights. }

{ White snowflake ornaments held escort cards. }

{ A candy buffet of Christmas favorites } 

{ A simple, but very pretty, cake surrounded by votives and "snow" }

Vendors: Prudente Photography / Flowers, Design & Coordination by Shoreside Bride / Cake from Casual Gourmet / Held at The Yarmouth House

Wednesday, December 1

The Winter Season

Cape Cod is quiet in the winter.  Solitary cars on the road and boarded up houses and storefronts.  Frozen harbors and desolate, wind-swept beaches. 

But there is a certain majesty to this season - a certain kind of crystal beauty and warm intimacy.

I know almost everyone dreams of a breezy waterside summer affair when they think "Cape Cod wedding," but maybe, just maybe, we'll find some inspiration for a Cape Cod winter wedding.

{ Sperry Tent dressed up for the winter. }