Monday, April 5

The Red Balloon

Balloons are an up-and-coming trend in weddings, and we certainly agree they make for some cute photos!

They are relatively inexpensive, and when done right, they add a certain special kind of whimsy. (And don't look at all 'high school prom.') Amy Atlas used them as part of a dessert buffet here:

And they added an explosion of color and a fresh take on the beach portrait session here:

{ do you know this source? let us know!}

But please remember to protect our fragile Cape Cod ecology and don't let go of your red balloon!  While latex balloons are biodegradable, the streamer often isn't, and animals have been known to choke on deflated balloons.
P.S.: If you are in love with the oversized balloons like we are, you can buy them here.

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