Tuesday, May 11

Cape Cod Wedding Venue: Heritage Museums & Gardens

Perhaps it's all the gardening I've been doing, but I've been spending some time thinking about a Cape Cod garden wedding. There's a few bucolic garden spots on Cape Cod that make pretty places for a wedding, but none are as dynamic as Heritage Museums & Gardens.

The museum is actually comprised of a handful of museums situated on more than 100 acres of gardens. They have spaces for indoor receptions, most notably a four-story Shaker round barn that houses an impressive antique automobile collection, and an art museum with one of the country's oldest working carousels. There's a windmill. There's a pond. And then there's the gardens. Award-winning, lush, verdant, vibrant gardens.

Find your favorite nook for your ceremony or tented reception.

{ Both above from The Casual Gourmet }

This is the pimp ride you get as the bride to drive around the property. 
Yeah, it's a Bentley golf cart.

In the background you can see some of the world-famous
Dexter Rhododendrons

The lawn in front of the Shaker Round Barn. Perfect for cocktails before moving inside for dinner.
{ above three photos from bride Sarah McCracken via Flickr  }

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Dave Chase said...

Heritage definitely is one of the best venues on the Cape! The round barn makes one of the most interesting and unique reception sites I have seen.

Thanks for the photo credit!
-Dave Chase, The Casual Gourmet