Monday, May 3

Cape Cod Wedding Venue: Nauticus Marina

We'll keep up the nautical theme for a few more days.

{ the amazingly talented Cape Cod wedding photographer duo 
Christine & Andy of Bello Photography }

Billowing nautical flags? Check.
Small-scale lighthouse? Check.
Docks leading out to luxury yachts? Check.
Sailboats slipping by? Check.
Sun set over the prettiest little inlet? Check.

There isn't much that Nauticus Marina, located in Osterville, doesn't have. This privately owned marina is available to rent for weddings of all sizes and shapes. Other than the lighthouse building (which has an impressively carved mahogany bar, by the way), there isn't any indoor facilities so a tent is required.

I've seen Nauticus dressed up in all kinds of ways - from white cotton and daisy simplicity to gold satin orchid opulence. But I love those weddings where the bride and groom embrace its inherent nautical-ness.

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