Monday, July 5

Happy 5th!

I spent my Fourth of July watching baseball, sitting at the beach, seeing fireworks, eating food off the grille, lounging in an Adirondack chair perched in the shade and licking ice cream cones. I hope your weekend was also full of fun, relaxation, and other good All-American things.

{ Via the amazing duo of Christine & Andy at Bello Photography }
I have to admit, a Cape Cod 4th of July wedding holds great appeal...The color palette, down-home wholesome food, fireworks and sparklers.

According to experts, a 28" sparkler is really the best option for weddings. (Who knew there were experts in such things, but there you go.) They burn longer, meaning they are safer and your photographers can get cool shots. Get some here

And go out and enjoy this warm summer night. 

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