Wednesday, November 3

Cape Cod Wedding Venue: Bourne Farm

There is something almost poetic about a fall wedding held at a farm.  Rustic barns... fresh-from-the-harvest-foods... crimson-colored leaves... full nights... warmth of love...

I could write a little Ode to Bourne Farm and its utter perfection as a fall (or spring or summer) wedding venue, but I'll spare you the iambic pentameter. 

Bourne Farm, in West Falmouth, is part of the Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries. It's a working farm (they grow pumpkins!) overlooking a kettle pond, with a big ol' barn, rolling fields cris-crossed with stone falls and a grape-vine covered pergola. It's charming. It's classic New England. It's picturesque.

Some pictures to prove it:
{ Reception in the fields underneath a big white American Tent }

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