Monday, November 22

Pizza Night

Is it OK to serve pizza at a wedding? I'm not talking about having pizza delivered late-night for people to nosh on as they continue to dance & drink into the wee hours. (This is, obviously, totally acceptable and really good. Who doesn't love drunk food.)

No, I'm talking about serving pizza for dinner.

I'm not thinking Domino's delivery...  Something more like an interactive food station with wood-fired pizza and lots of gourmet toppings.  

Something like this:

 { How cute is the antique truck? Pizzas are created to order,
grilled and served from the bed of the truck. 

Imagine the savings! Pizza, even from a cute old truck, can't be too much of a budget-breaker.
Any Cape Cod caterers doing something like this? 

Or am I completely crazy?

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