Monday, November 8

Love Is...Part 1

I'm always looking for interesting "guest books." Something more interactive for the guests than just signing their name. I'll share a few ideas this week, but I keep obsessing about this one:

{ via Peppermint Bliss. The whole wedding is ah-mazing. Whimsical, enchanting, endlessly personal. 
Highly suggest reading each installment. }

So the little parts about this that make it a recurring part of my wedding dreams: "Love Is" spelled out in ribbon.  The most pretty shade of red.  The guest-book 'kiosk' -- including built-in shelves! -- made from barn-board. The little cards held down by string.  It was so thoroughly thought out. And I appreciate that.

I also appreciate that one guest very seriously contemplated writing "Love is.... A battlefield."  I would be that guest. Not because I thought the sentiment was true, but because it would crack me up the whole night.  

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